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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5713/ajas.20.0445    [Accepted] Published online August 30, 2020.
Effects of dietary supplementation with different fermented feeds on performance, nutrient digestibility, and serum biochemical indexes of fattening lambs
Chen Zhang1  , Chongyu Zhang1  , Meiyu Du1  , Yunpeng Wang1  , Guiguo Zhang1,*  , Yunkyoung Lee2,* 
1College of Animal Sciences and Technology, Shandong Provincial Key Laboratory of Animal Biotechnology and Disease Control and Prevention, Shandong Agricultural University, 61 Daizong Street, Taian City, Shandong Province, 271018, China
2Department of Food Science and Nutrition, Jeju National University, Jeju 63243, Korea
Correspondence:  Guiguo Zhang, Tel: +86-13954859206, Fax: +86-0538-8241544- 8327, Email: zhanggg@sdau.edu.cn
Yunkyoung Lee,Email: lyk1230@jejunu.ac.kr
Received: 25 June 2020   • Revised: 29 July 2020   • Accepted: 16 August 2020
The effects of adding fermented feed to a pelleted total mixed ration (PTMR) on the growth performance of lambs remain unclear. The present study aimed to investigate the feed efficiency and productivity of lambs that were fed PTMR containing fermented soybean meal (FSM) or wheat bran (FWB).
Sixty 90-d-old hybrid lambs were randomly allocated into 12 pens (5 lambs/pen) that were randomly assigned to 4 dietary treatments (3 pens/treatment) with PTMR (basal diet), 2% FSM, or Lactobacillus- or yeast-FWB (L-FWB or Y-FWB) addition in the basal diet.
The findings showed that lambs fed 2% FSM supplemented diet had enhanced (p<0.05) average daily gain (ADG) and carcass yield (p = 0.015), while they had a decreased (p = 0.006) feed conversion ratio (FCR) compared to that of other three groups. Inclusion of FSM or FWB in PTMR improved (p<0.05) the nutrient digestibility, while it reduced the urea nitrogen content in serum compared to the PTMR group. Additionally, the decreased ratio of N excretion to ADG (p<0.01) was observed with FSM and L-FWB supplementation compared with the PTMR and Y-FWB groups.
In conclusion, feeding the fermented feed-supplemented diet improved nutrient digestibility and growth performance, and 2% FSM-supplemented diet exhibited superior production-promoting efficiency to lambs.
Keywords: Fermented Feedstuffs; Fatting Lambs; Growth Performance; Nutrient Digestibility

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