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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5713/ajas.19.0771    [Accepted] Published online May 12, 2020.
Using BCS method to determine the effect of breed, parity, and female condition during insemination on reproductive performance indices
Damian Knecht1  , Sebastian Środoń1  , Katarzyna Czyż1,* 
Institute of Animal Breeding, Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences, Chelmonskiego 38c, 51-630 Wroclaw, Poland
Correspondence:  Katarzyna Czyż, Tel: +48-71-320-5781, Fax: +48-71-320-5812, Email: katarzyna.czyz@upwr.edu.pl
Received: 6 October 2019   • Revised: 20 December 2019   • Accepted: 23 April 2020
Since the reproductive performance of sows can be affected by a number of factors, the study aimed to use the body condition score (BCS) method to analyze some of them, such as breed, parity, and an evaluation of female’s condition.
The study was conducted on gilts and sows of two breeds: Polish Landrace (PL) and Polish Large White (PLW), and their hybrids. The animals were evaluated from the 1st to 3rd parity, using the Body Condition Score (BCS) method to determine an overall score, fatness and muscularity degree in 1-5 point scale. Reproductive performance indices concerning pregnancy rate, piglets parameters like number of piglets in total, number of live-born dead-born, weaned piglets, falls of piglets until weaning day, total litter weight at 1st day and at weaning, average piglet weight at the 1st day and at weaning, weight gains of piglets as well as gestation and weaning to service periods were investigated. The results were analyzed statistically using Statistica 13.0 software in order to determine the relationship between females’ condition, breed and parity and reproduction outcomes.
The results of the study demonstrated that the condition of sows evaluated using BCS method is improved during subsequent inseminations, both with respect to overall assessment as well as fatness and muscularity degree. The breed affected most of reproductive indices analyzed, and the most profitable results were obtained for hybrid sows (PL x PLW). The highest parameters of reproductive performance were obtained by sows in the 3rd parity. Also, the study confirmed significant effect of fatness degree as well as muscularity level during insemination. The sows in optimal condition (3 or 3.5 points) achieved the best results of reproductive performance.
Examination of body conditions may be a good indicator for predicting further reproductive performance and thus optimizing production results.
Keywords: Condition; Fatness; Muscularity; Farrowings; Litter

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