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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5713/ajas.19.0842    [Accepted] Published online January 13, 2020.
Comparison of overfed Xupu and Landes geese in performance, fatty acid composition, enzymes and gene expression related to lipid metabolism
Xu Liu1,*  , Peng Li1  , Changqing He1  , Xiangyong Qu1  , Songchang Guo1 
1College of Animal Science and Technology, Hunan Agricultural University, Changsha, Hunan 410128, China
2Hunan Engineering Research Center of Poultry Production Safety, Hunan 410128, China
3Hunan Co-Innovation Center of Animal Production Safety, Changsha, Hunan 410128, China
Correspondence:  Xu Liu, Tel: +86-15802570403, Fax: +86-15802570403, Email: 695837025@qq.com
Received: 30 October 2019   • Revised: 11 December 2019   • Accepted: 10 January 2020
The aim of this study was to compare overfeeding performance, fatty acid composition, blood chemistry, enzymes and genes expression overfed Xupu and Landes geese.
Sixty male Xupu geese (80 d) and Landes geese (80 d) were selected. After a period of one-week of pre-overfeeding, Xupu and Landes geese were overfed three meals of 550 g/d and 350 g/d, respectively, of a high-carbohydrate diet in the first week of the overfeeding period. The next week, geese were given four meals of 1,200 g/d and 850 g/d, respectively, over 8-14 d. Finally, geese were given five meals of 1,600 g/d and 1,350 g/d, respectively, for the last two weeks.
After overfeeding for 28 d: Compared with Landes geese, Xupu geese liver weight and liver-to-body weight ratio decreased (P < 0.05), while final weight, slaughter weight, total weight gain, abdominal fat weight, and feed-to-liver weight ratio increased (P < 0.05). The levels of methyl elaidate, methyl oleate, eicosenoic, and arachidonic in the liver of Xupu geese significantly increased (P < 0.05), and the levels of myristic and stearic significantly decreased (P < 0.05), while methyleicosanoate significantly increased (P < 0.05). Xupu geese had higher plasma concentrations of TG and VLDL-C (P < 0.05), and decreased activities of ALT, AST, and LPS (P < 0.05). Landes geese had higher LPS activity (P < 0.05), but lower CHE activity (P < 0.05) when compared with Xupu geese. The mRNA expression levels of FADS, ELOVL1, ELOVL5, and ACAT2 were significantly upregulated (P < 0.05) in Landes goose when compared with Xupu geese.
This study demonstrates that the liver production performance of Landes geese was better than that of Xupu geese to some extent, which may be closely related to LPS activity, as well as the expression of FADS, ELOVL1, ELOVL5, and ACAT2.
Keywords: Xupu Geese, Landes Geese, Liver, Serum Parameters, Fatty Acid Composition, Genes Expression

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