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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5713/ajas.18.0837    [Accepted] Published online February 14, 2019.
Effect of supplementation with brewer's yeast hydrolysate on growth performance, nutrients digestibility, blood profiles and meat quality in growing to finishing pigs
Jian Ying Zhang1, Jae Won Park1, In Ho Kim1,*
Department of Animal Resource and Science, Dankook University, No.29 Anseodong, Cheonan, Choongnam, 31116, Korea
Correspondence:  In Ho Kim,Email: inhokim@dankook.ac.kr
Received: 8 November 2018   • Revised: 24 January 2019   • Accepted: 4 February 2019
This study was aimed to investigate the effects of brewer's yeast hydrolysate (YH) on growth performance, nutrients digestibility, blood profiles and meat quality of growing pigs.
A total of 200 growing pigs [(Landrace × Yorkshire) × Duroc] (initial BW, 25.31 ± 1.29 kg) were allotted to 5 treatments as follow: CON: basic diet, and YH treatment: CON + 0.05%, 0.1%, 0.5%, and 1.0% of YH, respectively.
On wk11, 16 and overall phase, pigs fed YH diet showed linear improvement in average daily body gain (ADG) and G/F (p<0.05). The pigs received YH linearly increased the digestibility of dry matter (DM), nitrogen (N), and energy (E) on wk 11 and 16. The concentration of serum urea nitrogen(SUN) was linearly increased in YH treatments on wk 16. Meanwhile, the carcass weight, back fat and lean muscle percentage of pigs received YH diet have no significant change. Besides, no difference was observed in creatinine and total protein in the blood among treatment (p > 0.05).
The pigs fed graded YH diet could improve the growth performance and nutrients digestibility of growing pigs, meanwhile, the yeast hydr olysate could increase the serum urea nitrogen in the growing pigs.
Keywords: Brewer Yeast Hydrolysate; Growth Performance; Nutrients Digestibility; Blood Profile; Growing Pigs

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