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Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 2010;23(12): 1645-1656.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.5713/ajas.2010.10045    Published online October 25, 2010.
Effects of Strain on Performance, and Age at Slaughter and Duration of Post-chilling Aging on Meat Quality Traits of Broiler
Abdullah Y. Abdullah, Marwan M. Muwalla, Haitham O. Maharmeh, Sulaiman K. Matarneh, Majdi A. Abu Ishmais
This study was conducted to investigate the effects of strain on broiler performance, and age at slaughter and post-chilling (PC) aging time on meat quality traits. A total of 500 one-day-old chicks (250 Hubbard classic and 250 Lohman) were reared under commercial conditions. Half of the broiler birds from each strain were slaughtered at 32 days and the other half at 42 days old. At each processing day, 168 carcasses were randomly selected (84 Hubbard and 84 Lohman) and divided into groups of 28 carcasses within each strain, and aged for 0, 4 and 24 h after chilling. Average weekly body weight was comparable between strains. Feed conversion ratio was higher (p<0.05) for the Hubbard strain during the second and third week of age. Initial carcass pH was significantly (p<0.05) affected by age where younger birds (32-d-old) had lower pH values than older (41-d-old) birds. Breast temperature was higher (p<0.001) for Lohman than Hubbard at 0, 2 and 4 h of PC. Younger birds had a lower breast temperature (p<0.001) at all measured times of PC. Thaw loss, cook loss and water holding capacity were not significantly affected by strain, age or aging time. Lohman strain had more tender meat (p<0.05) than Hubbard strain, and tenderness was improved with the increase of broiler age and aging time. Meats from Hubbard were lighter and less red than those from Lohman strain where younger birds had darker color. In conclusion, strain, age at slaughter and PC aging duration are critical to breast meat quality characteristics, and 4 h of aging are required before deboning in order to obtain more tender fillets.
Keywords: Broiler Breast Fillets; Age at Slaughter; Strain; Aging Time; Meat Quality

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