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Ruminant Nutrition and Forage Utilization
Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 2006;19(10): 1464-1469.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.5713/ajas.2006.1464    Published online August 2, 2006.
Effect of the Mixed Oil and Monensin Supplementation, and Feeding Duration of Supplements on c9,t11-CLA Contents in Plasma and Fat Tissues of Korean Native (Hanwoo) Steers
J. H. Wang, S. H. Choi, K. W. Lim, K. H. Kim, M. K. Song*
Correspondence:  M. K. Song,
The present study was conducted with twenty-four Korean native (Hanwoo) steers to observe the effect of mixed oil and monensin supplementation and duration of feeding on c9,t11-CLA content in plasma and fat tissues. The steers were randomly assigned to three groups of eight animals each according to body weight. Hanwoo steers in the control group were fed the commercial concentrate for the late fattening stage. The other groups of steers were fed the same diet as control steers, but the concentrate was supplemented with high-C18:2 oil mixture (soybean oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil) and fish oil at 6% level of concentrate (DM basis), and monensin (20 ppm). The second and third group of steers was fed the oil mixture supplemented diet with monensin for the last 10 weeks and 20 weeks, respectively, prior to being slaughtered. The oil mixture consisted of 45% soybean oil, 20% sunflower oil, 20% safflower oil and 15% fish oil. Average daily gain (p<0.049) and feed efficiency (p<0.018) of the steers fed the diet supplemented with oil mixture and monensin (OM-M) for 20 weeks were higher than those of the other groups of steers. Dressing percent, fat thickness and longissimus muscle area were not affected by the OM-M supplementation and duration of its feeding. The OM-M supplementation increased the content of total-cholesterol (p<0.0001-0.0007) and HDL-cholesterol (p<0.0001) in the plasma of steers compared to the control diet. The steers fed the OM-M diet had a higher proportion of c9,t11-CLA in plasma (p<0.048-0.044) than the control steers. Feeding the OM-M diet for 20 weeks increased the proportion of CLA in intramuscular (p<0.015), intermuscular (p<0.039) and subcutaneous (p<0.001) fat tissues compared with both steers fed the control diet and the OM-M diet for 10 weeks. Increased (p<0.007) proportion of total unsaturated fatty acids in steers fed the OM-M diet for 20 weeks compared to those in control steers was related to the increased (p<0.001) C18:2 and decreased (p<0.001) C18:0 proportions in subcutaneous tissue.
Keywords: C18:2-rich Oils; Monensin; Fish Oil; c9,t11-CLA; Fat Tissue; Hanwoo Steer

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