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Animal Breeding and Genetics
Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 2005;18(4): 524-531.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.5713/ajas.2005.524    Published online April 20, 2005.
Effect of In ovo Injection of Critical Amino Acids on Pre- and Post-hatch Growth, Immunocompetence and Development of Digestive Organs in Broiler Chickens
S. K. Bhanja, A. B. Mandal
Two experiments were conducted to standardize in ovo injection of amino acids (AA) and to evaluate the effect of in ovo injection of limiting AA(s) on pre and post hatch growth performance, immune response and development of digestive organs. Combinations of essential and non-essential amino acids (Lys+Arg, Lys+Met+Cys, Thr+Gly+Ser, Ile+Leu+Val and Gly+Pro) were injected into 50 eggs in each treatment group at 14 d of embryonic age. Standardization of injection site, needle length and embryonic age revealed that when AA were injected in to the broad end of the egg with a 11 mm needle and at the narrow end with a 24 mm needle both at the 7th and 14th d of incubation there was poor hatchability. However, better hatchability was recorded when the AA were injected in the narrow end of the egg with a 11 mm needle and in the broad end with a 24 mm needle on the 14th d of incubation. The chick to egg weight ratio was higher (p<0.018) when AA were injected on the 14th d of incubation. When a combination of amino acids were injected a 63.6 or 63.2 g difference in body weight of bird at 21 d was recorded between uninjected control and Ile+Leu+Val or Gly+Pro group, respectively. Higher feed intake (p<0.047) was recorded in the AA injected groups and feed conversion ratio (FCR) was numerically better in Gly+Pro, Lys+Met+Cys AA injected groups than in the uninjected control. Significantly higher immune response to cell mediated (p<0.033) and humoral (p<0.002) immunity was observed in in ovo amino acid injected birds, especially in Lys+Met+Cys, Thr+Gly+Ser or Ile+leu+Val groups. The digestive organ weights at 21 d did not differ between specific AA injected groups and the uninjected control. In ovo injected amino acids may act as immunomodulators and their role in gastrointestinal development needs further research.
Keywords: In ovo Injection; Amino Acids; Growth; Gastrointestinal Tract; Immune Response

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