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Animal Breeding and Genetics
Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 2005;18(1): 54-60.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.5713/ajas.2005.54    Published online April 19, 2005.
Chemical Composition, Degradation Characteristics and Effect of Tannin on Digestibility of Some Browse Species from Kenya Harvested during the Wet Season
I. M. Osuga, S. A. Abdulrazak, T. Ichinohe, T. Fujihara
A study was conducted with the objective of evaluating the nutritive value of some browse species from Kenya. The species evaluated included: Bauhinia alba, Bauhinia variegata, Bridelia micrantha, Calliandra calothyrsus, Carisa edulis, Cratylia argentea, Gliricidia sepium, Lantana camara, Maerua angolensis, Sesbania micrantha and S. sesban. The browses were evaluated by their chemical composition including phenolics, in vitro gas production and tannin activity (tannin bioassay). All the species had high crude protein content (149-268 g/kg DM) and low NDF content (239-549 g/kg DM). The feeds had varying contents of total extractable tannins (TET) ranging from low (3-22 mg/g DM), moderate (42-58 mg/g DM) and high (77-152 mg/g DM). Calliandra calothyrsus had the highest tannin content. Significant (p<0.05) variation in gas production was recorded among the species. Sesbania micrantha had the highest (p<0.05) potential gas production while Gliricidia sepium had the highest (p<0.05) rate of gas production. Use of polyethylene glycol (PEG 6000), to assess the adverse affect of tannins, indicated that tannins in browse species with high tannin content had inhibitory effects on rumen microbial fermentation as indicated by the gas production. Estimated organic matter digestibility and metabolizable energy also increased with PEG addition. The results of this study indicate that such Kenyan browse species have the potential to be used as feed supplements for ruminant animals.
Keywords: Browse; Chemical Composition; Gas Production; PEG; Digestibility

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