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Swine Nutrition and Feed Technology
Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 2001;14(11): 1616-1620.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.5713/ajas.2001.1616    Published online November 1, 2001.
Effects of Feeding Different Chelated Copper and Zinc Sources on Growth Performance and Fecal Excretions of Weanling Pigs
S. H. Lee, S. C. Choi, B. J. Chae, S. P. Acda, Y. K. Han
Two feeding trials were conducted to study the effects of different chelated copper and zinc compounds on the performance and fecal excretions of weanling pigs. In Exp. 1, 150 weanling pigs (L횞Y횞D, 12.30 2.07 kg) were randomly assigned to five dietary treatments: 170 ppm Cu from CuSO4, 85 ppm Cu from Cu amino-chelate (CAC), 170 ppm Cu from CAC, 85 ppm Cu from Cu-Lysine (CL), and 170 ppm Cu from CL. In Exp. 2, 150 weanling pigs (L횞Y횞D, 12.52 1.80 kg) were randomly assigned to five dietary treatments: 120 ppm Zn from ZnSO4, 60 ppm Zn from Zn-amino-chelate (ZAC), 120 ppm Zn from ZAC, 60 ppm Zn from Zn-Methionine (ZM), and 120 ppm Zn from ZM. In both experiments, pigs were randomly distributed to the treatments following a randomized complete block design on the basis of body weight as the blocking variable. Each experiment was conducted for 28 days. Blood and fecal samples were collected to determine mineral contents as affected by the dietary treatments. There was no difference (p>0.05) in ADG and ADFI among treatments, but F/G was improved (p<0.05) in pigs fed diet with 170 ppm CAC than 85 ppm CL but not different (p>0.05) to the control (170 ppm CuSO4). Regardless of copper source, concentration of Cu in serum and feces were higher in pigs fed diet with 170 ppm Cu than pigs fed diet with 85 ppm Cu (Exp 1). In Exp 2 the ADG was higher (p<0.05) in pigs fed diet with 120 ppm ZM than in pigs fed diets with 120 ppm ZnSO4 and 60 ppm ZAC and ZM. The serum zinc concentration was generally higher (p<0.05) in pigs fed diet with organic source than the control group (ZnSO4). Also, there was a trend towards a decrease in fecal excretions of zinc when dietary zinc level was low. The efficacy of the two chelated copper and zinc sources is similar in terms of growth performance. The fecal excretions for Cu and Zn could be reduced in pigs fed low level of these minerals using organic sources.
Keywords: Cu; Zn; Chelate; Complex; Excretion

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