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Swine Nutrition and Feed Technology
Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 1999;12(5): 799-805.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.5713/ajas.1999.799    Published online August 1, 1999.
Effects of L-Carnitine with Different Lysine Levels on Growth and Nutrient Digestibility in Pigs Weaned at 21 Days of Age
W. T. Cho, J. H. Kim, In K. Han, Y. K. Han, K. N. Heo, J. Odle
This study was conducted to investigate the effects of L-carnitine with different levels of lysine on performance of pigs weaned at 21 days of age. A total of 120 pigs were allotted into a 3횞2 factorial design with three different levels of lysine (1.40%, 1,60% and 1.80%) and two levels of L-carnitine (0 and 1,000 ppm). Each treatment had 4 replications with 5 pigs per replicate. Pigs of 22 1 days (5.9 kg of body weight) were grouped into a completely randomized block design. Treatments were 1) 1.4-Crt; 1.40% of lysine with 1,000 ppm of L-carnitine, 2) 1.4-N; 1.40% of lysine without L-carnitine, 3) 1.6-Crt; 1.60% of lysine with 1,000 ppm of L-carnitine, 4)1.6-N; 1.60% of lysine without L-carnitine, 5) 1.8-Crt; 1.80% of lysine with 1,000 ppm of L-carnitine and 6) 1.8-N; 1.80% of lysine without L-carnitine. Growth performance was optimized in pigs fed 1.6% lysine regardless of carnitine addition. For the first 7 days of the experimental period, the best ADG and F/G were found in pigs within the 1.6-Crt group. Carnitine significantly improved (p<0.05) ADG of pigs when the lysine level in the diet was 1.6%. Only in the third week carnitine had a significant influence on growth performance of pigs. A lysine-sparing effect of L-carnitine was not detected in this study. The 1.6Crt group showed the best proximate nutrient digestibility, and the crude fat and gross energy digestibility were higher when the L-carnitine was added in the diet. Lysine level significantly affected the digestibilities of DM (p<0.001), Ge(p<0.001), CP (p<0.01) and C.fat (p<0.05). Carnitine also significantly improved digestibility of nutrients. Lysine level as well as carnitine level affected the amino acids digestibility, however, in 1.8% lysine diet carnitine did not influence on amino acids digestibility. Plasma of carnitine wihiin the body. L-carnitine supplementation tended to improve feed utilization during the third week (p<0.10) and during the entire period (p=0.10). Lysine level significantly affected feed utilization of pigs during the third week and entire period (p<0.05). As pigs grew, the lysine requirement was reduced.
Keywords: L-carnitine; Lysine; Pig; Growth Performance; Nutrient Digestibility

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