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Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 1999;12(1): 61-67.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.5713/ajas.1999.61    Published online February 1, 1999.
Productive and Reproductive Performance of Kajli and Lohi Ewes
M. Nawaz, M. A. Khan, M. A. Qureshi, E. Rasool
Data from 22837 lambings of Lohi and Kajli ewes from 1962 through 1994 were used to analyze productive and reproductive traits and wool production. Pverall litter size at birth averaged 1.33 being 1.45 for Lohi and 1.21 for Kajli ewes. The corresponding values at weaning were 1.23, 1.32 and 1.14, respectively. Litter size was consistently lowest for one year old, with a substantial increase at two, three and four years of ewe age and marginal increases thereafter, Ewes lambing in spring weaned 0.08 more lambs per parturition than ewes lambed in Autumn (p<0.01) and increased with ewe age. Overall lamb weaning weight (120 d) of 17993 lambs was 20.3 kg. Weaning weight was affected by breed, sire, year of birth, sex, rearing rank and weaning age (p<0.01). The highest mean weaning weight was 21.9 kg for Lohi lambs followed by Kajli lambs (18.8 kg) Lambs from Kajli ewes were 9% heavier at birth but 14% lighter at weaning. Twin born lambs were 18% lighter at birth and 13% at weaning than single born lambs. Male lambs were 3% heavier at birth and 4.5% heavier at weaning than female lambs. Overall annual mean wool production was 2.64 kg. Kajli ewes were heavier at breeding than Lohi weres (i.e. 46.2 vs 44.8 kg). Lohi ewes being 3% less body weight produced 38% more wool and 18% more litter weaning weight than Kajli ewes. When average weight of lamb weaned per ewe weaning lambs was adjusted for ewe average metabolic body size, Lohi ewes were most efficient (i.e. arbitrary assigned value of 100) compared to Kajli ewes achieving only 83% of Lohi level.
Keywords: Ewes; Breed; Reproduction; Litter Size; Weaning; Lohi, Kajli

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