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Review Paper
Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 1998;11(5): 620-633.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.5713/ajas.1998.620    Published online October 1, 1998.
Methods for Determination of Amino Acids Bioavailability of Pigs - Review -
T. Zebrowska, S. Buraczewski
Methods developed for measuring digestibility and availability of amino acids in feed stuffs used in pig nutrition are reviewed. digestibility is a proportion of an amino acid in a feed that is absorbed from the digestive tract and should be determined from the difference between the amount of amino acid consumed and passing the distal ileum. Techniques for ileal digesta sampling including various types of cannulas : a re-entrant, T-piece, IPV, IPVC and ileaorectal anastomosis are described and comparisons amongst these methods are presented. Other methodologies like mobile bag technique, in vitro assays and mathematical prediction method are also described. Significance and methodologies for measurement of endogenous nitrogen and amino acids losses at the distal ileum and their effect on the apparent and true nitrogen and amino acid digestibilities in feeds are discussed. Factors influencing the apparent and true amino acid digestibilites such as dry matter intake, protein, fibre and antinutritive compounds content in the diet are discussed. Amino acid bioavailability-th proportion of the total amino acid digested and absorbed in a form utilized in metabolism-measured by the growth assay may differ from its ileal digestibility. Chemical methods for determination of available lysine content in heat treated feeds are evaluated
Keywords: Amino Acids; Bioavailability; Factors; Methods; Pigs

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