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Swine Nutrition and Feed Technology
Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 1997;10(2): 185-191.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.5713/ajas.1997.185    Published online April 1, 1997.
The effects of supplementing methionine plus cystine to a low-protein diet on the growth performance and fat accumulation of growing broiler chicks
C. Bunchasak, U. Satoso, K. Tanaka, S. Ohtani, Cristino M. Collado
This experiment was conducted to determine the effects of a low-protein diet supplemented with DL-methionine plus L-cystine (Met + Cys) on the growth performance and fat accumulation of female broiler chicks during the growing period (3-6 wks old). A low-protein diet (17% CP; 3,200 ME kcal/kg) was supplemented with Met + Cys (1.1 : 1.0) at levels 0.75, 0.94, 1.25, 1.31 or 1.50% of diet, respectively. Another diet with 21% CP and 3,200 ME kcal/kg served as the control group. All essential amino acids were adjusted to meet the National Research Council (1984) requirement for chicks. Feed and water were given ad libitum. Body weight of the chicks fed the low-CP diets supplemented with Met +Cys were heavier than those of the control birds. Feed conversion ratio and feed intakes were not significantly different between and among the treatment groups. Similary, abdominal fat content was not significantly different among the various treatments except that of the chicks fed the low CP diet with 1.25% Met + Cys which was higher than that of the control group. Fatty acid synthetase (FAS), acetyl-CoA carboxylase (ACC) activities and carcass protein content were not influenced by dietary treatments. Carcass fat content was lowest in chicks fed low CP diet with 0.75% Met +Cys and highest in the group that received 1.50% Met + Cys supplementation. Liver triglyceride increased as Met + Cys supplementation level increased. Various lipid fraction concentrations (cholesterol ester, free cholesterol, and phospholipid) in the serum went up as Met + Cys increased up to 1.25% after which it levelled off. Results of this experiment suggest that it is possible to reduce dietary protein level from 21% to 17% for growing broiler chicks by the supplementation of Met + Cys when other EAA were sufficient.
Keywords: Methionine + Cystine; Protein Levels; Broiler; Carcass Composition; Growth Performance; Fat Accumulation

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