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Ruminant Nutrition and Forage Utilization
Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 1993;6(4): 521-526.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.5713/ajas.1993.521    Published online December 1, 1993.
Effects of monocalcium phosphate supplementation on phosphorus discharge and growth of carp (Caprinus carpio) grower
J. D. Kim, K. H. Ahn
Two percent of monocalcuim phosphate (MCP) was added to control diet consisted of fish meal (18%), soybean meal (36%) and wheat flour (37%) in order to examine the effects on phosphorus (P) discharge and growth of carp (Cyprines carpio). Growth trial, during which digestibility measurements were made over 7 days, was conducted for 4 weeks using a recirculated rearing system with a settling column for feces collection. Fishes (initial body weight of about 200 g) were fed five times a day upto satiation with tank controlled at 24-26째C. Fishes fed the diet containing 2% MCP (MCP-2) showed about two-fold improvement on both growth rate and feed utilization, compared to those of fishes fed the control diet; weight gain (129 g vs 62 g), feed conversion ratio (1.20 vs 2.46), protein efficiency ratio (2.09 vs 1.07) and daily growth index (3.70 vs 1.93). However, feed intakes were maintained at the same level (150 g/fish) between the two treatments. Dry matter digestibilities of two diets were relatively low, which were 58 and 60% for respective control and MCP-2 diets due to low digestibility of total carbohydrates. However, the digestibilities of both dietary protein (85%) and lipid (90%) of diets were relatively high. While all the P fed were observed to be discharged from fish fed control diet, the discharge from fish fed the MCP-2 diet was decreased up to less than the half (34.9 g/kg wt. gain) of the control. These present results revealed that the supplementation of dietary P requirement by MCP can not only promote growth performances but also reduce the level of P loading to water which is the primary water pollution indicator.
Keywords: Carp; Diet; Monocalcium Phosphate; Phosphorus; Water Pollution

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