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Swine Nutrition and Feed Technology
Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 1993;6(3): 417-422.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.5713/ajas.1993.417    Published online September 1, 1993.
Effect of different storage temperatures (Include control freezing point and partially freezing storage) on flavor and ATP-related compounds of pork loin chops
L. C. Lin
This study was designed to determine the changes of ATP-related compounds, especially the concentration of IMP, and compares the relationship between IMP and flavor of pork loin chops during storage as three different storage temperatures (include 4째C CF and PF). Pork loin chops were kept under 4째C -1.5 0.5째C (control freezing storage) and -3 0.5째C (partially freezing storage). The changes of TBA values, ATP-related compounds, pH values, in CF stored samples were higher than PF stored samples, but it had lower TBA values than 4째C storage. The IMP concentration reached their peak after 2 days in 4째C, 5 days in CF and 7 days in PF storage, and the ATP, ADP, AMP contents of the loin chops showed minimum, respectively. Flavor of meat sensory score for 4째C stored samples were more intense (p<0.05) than CF and PF samples on day 2 of storage. However, after storage for 5 days, flavor scores for CF samples were more intense (p<0.05) than 4째C and PF samples. Flavor scores for PF samples were more intense (p<0.05) than 4째C and CF on day 7 of storage. As the meat with the peak of IMP contents was most preferred, it was considered that the content of IMP was related to the flavor of meat and that CF, PF had influence on the IMP content.
Keywords: IMP; Flavor; Pork; ATP Related Compound; Temperature

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