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Ruminant Nutrition and Forage Utilization
Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 1993;6(2): 291-300.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.5713/ajas.1993.291    Published online June 1, 1993.
A study on nutritional characteristics of rice straw in china
X. Tingxian, F. Rejun, T. Zhiliang, H. Leihua, C. Huiping
The agronomic, morphologic and nutritive measurements were determined for ten varieties of the early-, medium- and late- maturing rice from five types of soil in south of China. The results are shown that (1) The higher contents of neutral detergent fibre (NDF), cellulose (CEL), hemicellulose (HC) and lignin (LIG), but lower crude protein (CP) and neutral detergent solubles (NDS) contents were noted for the whole plant of rice straw during maturation; (2) As far as the feed nutritive value, segments (S) is highest, then leaf blades (LB), leaf sheaths (LS) lowest. However, LB and LS are constituted about 75% of whole plant, the nutritive value of rice astraw is depended upon the nutritive quality of LB and LS; (3) The dry matter disappearances (DMD) values of different spots of rice straw are different, the eary-maturing highest, then the medium; the late- lowest; (4) The DMD value of different fractions is different, S highest, then LB, LS lowest; (5) The different retention time in rumen, the DMD value of rice straw is different. As time following, the DMD value increased gradually, during 48-72 h, the DMD value achieves close to highest; (6) The grain yield (r = -0.91), plant height (r = -0.87) and full-filling grain percent (r = -0.75) are correlated negatively with DMD value, but the leaf/stem (r = 0.59) and the proportion of stem (r = 0.58) are correlated positively with DMD value. The relations between chemical compositions and DMD value are: Early-: DMD = 7.372 + 0.055 DM - 0.532 CP - 2.487 NDF + 1.143 ADF + 0.214 CEL + 1.456 HC + 0.718 LIG (r = 0.61). Medium-: DMD = 333.927 + 2.026 DM - 0.224 CP - 4.602 NDF + 4.524 ADF + 0.149 CEL + 2.923 HC + 0.035 LIG (r = 0.79). Late-: DMD = 133.284 + 0.282 DM - 3.455 CP - 22.185 NDF + 24.267 ADF + 0.316 CEL - 23.288 HC + 0.945 LIG (r = 0.79). Therefore, it is possible to predict the nutritive value of rice straw on the basis of the agronomic, morphologic measurements and chemical compositions and the relationship with DMD value.
Keywords: Nutritional Characteristics; Rice Straw; China

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