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Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 1990;3(2): 121-123.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.5713/ajas.1990.121    Published online June 1, 1990.
The effect of chick separation on productivity of the hen and chick
Q. M. E. Huque, M. H. Ebadul, E. M. Rigor
A CRD experiment with unequal numbers of hens were assigned at random to three treatment groups, 1) separation of chicks from hen at 21 days after hatching 2) separation of chicks from hen at 7 days and 3) hens were allowed to brood the chicks(no separation) up to 10 weeks of age, to determine the productive and reproductive performance of hens and their chicks. The mean cycle length (one hatch to another) was 72.8 days for the 7-day group as compared with 87.7 days and 83.4 days for the 21-day and the no separation groups, respectively (p<.01). The broody period was 28.5 days for the 7-days group compared with 43.9 and 42.6 days for the 21 days and the no separation groups, respectively (p<.01). The end of the broody period to the start of lay varied from 8.0 to 8.7 days. The number of eggs laid per clutch were 12.3 for the 21-day group, compared with 11.5 and 10.1 for the 7-day and no separation groups, respectively (p<.05). This is due to the longer (p<.05) clutch length of the 21-day group as compared with the 7-day and co separation groups, respectively. The chicks separated from the hens at 21 and 7 days were heavier (p<.01) than the chicks not separated from the hens. Mortalities were highest (p<.05) for chicks separated at 7 days as compared with chicks separated at 21 days and those not separated. We concluded that separating chicks at 7 days from the hen gave the shortest cycle length and broody period, separating the chicks at 21 days gave the longest clutch length and the maximum number of eggs, separating the chicks at 21 and 7 days resulted in heavier chicks and separating the chicks at 7 days resulted in the highest mortality
Keywords: Broody; Chicks Separation; Hen Productivity

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