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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5713/ajas.19.0962    [Accepted] Published online April 12, 2020.
Prediction of net energy values in expeller-pressed and solvent-extracted rapeseed meal for growing pigs
Zhongchao Li1  , Zhiqian Lyu1  , Hu Liu1  , Dewen Liu1  , Neil Jaworski2  , Yakui Li1  , Changhua Lai1,* 
1State Key Laboratory of Animal Nutrition, Ministry of Agriculture Feed Industry Centre, China Agricultural University, Beijing 100193, China
2Trouw Nutrition, Veerstraat 38, 5831 JN Boxmeer, The Netherlands
Correspondence:  Changhua Lai, Tel: +86-10-62734403, Fax: +86-10-62734403, Email: laichanghua999@163.com
Received: 18 December 2019   • Revised: 28 January 2020   • Accepted: 26 March 2020
The objective of this study was to determine net energy (NE) of expeller-press (EP-RSM) and solvent-extracted rapeseed meal (SE-RSM) and to establish equations for predicting the NE in rapeseed meal fed to growing pigs.
Thirty-six barrows (initial BW:41.1 ± 2.2 kg) were allotted into 6 diets comprising a corn-soybean meal basal diet and 5 diets containing 19.50% rapeseed meal added at the expense of corn and soybean meal. The experiment had 6 periods and 6 replicate pigs per diet. During each period, the pigs were individually housed in metabolism crates for 16 days which included 7 days for adaption to diets. On day 8, pigs were transferred to respiration chambers and fed their respective diet at 2,000 kJ ME/kg BW0.6/d. Feces and urine were collected, and daily heat production was measured from day 9 to 13. On days 14 and 15, the pigs were fed at 890 kJ ME/kg BW0.6/d and fasted on day 16 for evaluation of fasting heat production (FHP).
The FHP of pigs averaged 790 kJ/kg BW0.6/d and was not affected by the diet composition. The NE values were 10.80 and 8.45 MJ/kg DM for EP-RSM and SE-RSM, respectively. The NE value was positively correlated with gross energy (GE), digestible energy (DE), metabolizable energy (ME), and ether extract (EE). The best fit equation for NE of rapeseed meal was NE (MJ/kg DM) = 1.14 × DE (MJ/kg DM) + 0.46 × CP (% of DM) - 25.24 (n = 8, R2 = 0.96, p<0.01). The equation NE (MJ/kg DM) = 0.22 × EE (% of DM) - 0.79 × Ash (% of DM) + 14.36 (n = 8, R2 = 0.77, p=0.018) may be utilized to quickly determine the NE in rapeseed meal when DE or ME values are unavailable.
The NE values of EP-RSM and SE-RSM were 10.80 and 8.45 MJ/kg DM. The NE value of rapeseed meal can be well predicted based on energy content (GE, DE and ME) and proximate analysis.
Keywords: Heat Production; Indirect Calorimetry; Net Energy; Prediction Equations; Rapeseed Meal; Pig

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