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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5713/ajas.19.0667    [Accepted] Published online November 12, 2019.
A combination of postmortem ageing and sous vide cooking following by blowtorching and oven roasting for improving the eating quality and acceptance of low quality grade Hanwoo striploin
Seung-Hoon Jwa1  , Yong-An Kim1  , Van-Ba Hoa2  , In-Ho Hwang1,* 
1Department of Animal Science, Chonbuk National University, Jeonju 54896, Korea
2National Institute of Animal Science, Rural Development Administration, Wanju 55365, Korea
Correspondence:  In-Ho Hwang,Email: yongankim8@gmail.com
Received: 22 August 2019   • Revised: 14 September 2019   • Accepted: 28 October 2019
It is well recognized that beef cuts from a low quality grade is usually associated with tougher, drier and less flavorful. Thus, the present study aimed at investigating the combined effects of postmortem ageing and sous vide cooking followed by oven roasting or blowtorching on the eating quality improvement of low quality grade Hanwoo beef striploins. Method: Hanwoo beef striploins (quality grade 3) obtained from 36 mon-old Hanwoo steers were used, and the samples were chiller aged for 0 and 14 d at 4oC. After ageing, the samples were prepared into 2.5-cm steaks which were then sous vide (SV) cooked at 55 oC for 5 h and then raised to 60 oC for 1 h, and thereafter the sous vide-cooked the steaks were further roasted in oven for 20 min (SV+OV) or blowtorched (SV+TC) for 2 min. The cooked samples were analyzed for microbiological quality, browning index, Wanrner-Bratzler shear force(WBSF), aroma flavor compounds and sensory properties.
The sous vide cooking significantly reduced the WBSF values in beef samples (p˂0.05). Blowtorching after sous vide cooking led to a browner surface of the beef steaks (p˂0.05). The samples treated with SV+OV or SV+TC exhibited higher levels of Maillard reaction-derived aroma flavor compounds such as; pyrazines and sulfur-containing compounds compared to those just SV cooked. More especially, the SV+OV- or SV+TC- treated samples presented significantly higher flavor and overall acceptability scores compared to those just SV cooked (p˂0.05). Ageing beef for 14 d significantly improved the tenderness by reducing the WBSF and increasing the tenderness scores.
Thus, the combination of postmortem ageing and sous vide cooking followed by additional treatments (blowtorching or oven roasting) could be used to improve the eating quality especially tenderness and flavor as well as overall acceptability of low grade Hanwoo beef.
Keywords: Striploin; Sous vide; Roasting; Blowtorching; Tenderness; Flavor
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