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Poultry and Laboratory Animal Nutrition
In vivo Methane Production from Formic and Acetic Acids in the Gastrointestinal Tract of White Roman Geese
Yieng-How Chen, Shu-Yin Wang, Jenn-Chung Hsu
Asian-Australas J Anim Sci. 2009;22(7):1043-1047.  Published online June 25, 2009
Animal Breeding and Genetics
Effect of Organic Acids on Microbial Populations and Salmonella typhimurium in Pork Loins
Seoknam Kang, Aera Jang, Sang Ok Lee, Joong Seok Min, Il Suk Kim, Mooha Lee
Asian-Australas J Anim Sci. 2003;16(1):96-99.  Published online January 1, 2003
Ruminant Nutrition and Forage Utilization
Effect of Feeding Urea and Acetic Acid Treated Wheat Straw on the Digestibility of Nutrients in Adult Male Murrah Buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis)
Usha R. Mehra, R. S. Dass, A. K. Verma, D. S. Sahu
Asian-Australas J Anim Sci. 2001;14(12):1690-1695.  Published online December 1, 2001
Review Paper
Milk yield and its fat content as a affected by dietary factors : A - Review
R. K. Sawal, C. K. Kurar
Asian-Australas J Anim Sci. 1998;11(3):217-233.  Published online June 1, 1998
Ruminant Nutrition and Forage Utilization
Fermentation quality evaluation of Italian ryegrass silages by using the buffer index curve
K. H. Kim, J. Tsujiguchi, S. Uchida
Asian-Australas J Anim Sci. 1992;5(4):737-740.  Published online December 1, 1992
The relationship between buffer index curve and fermentation quality of silage
K. H. Kim, S. Uchida
Asian-Australas J Anim Sci. 1991;4(1):67-71.  Published online March 1, 1991
Inhibition of Abomasal Outflow and Feed Intake by Intra-duodenal Infusion of Acetic Acid in Sheep
A. Yamazaki, K. Katoh, Y. Oda, T. Tsuda
Asian-Australas J Anim Sci. 1989;2(3):151-153.  Published online September 1, 1989
WITHDRAWN:Dietary supplemental guanidinoacetic acid and betaine: effects on performance of broilers under cold stress
Masoomeh Nasiroleslami, Mehran Troki, AliReza Abdolmohammadi
Received May 30, 2018  Accepted August 27, 2018  
DOI: https://doi.org/10.5713/ajas.18.0407    [Accepted]


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